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How Quantum Biofeedback Works!

Know that feeling when a friend tells you that everything is okay, but inside you feel that she's not telling the truth?

Have you ever had that feeling of walking into a room and feeling like something was off, only to discover that friends were just having a fight?

All of the experiences above are quantum experiences, experiences beyond our physical senses. These experiences are on the quantum level. 

Quantum is the smallest measurement of a particle.  That energy you felt when you entered the room is a particle of energy that has been released into the quantum field. Animals are very in-tuned to this energy and is one of the reasons that they will scatter when there is a collective experience.

When you take a pill, you are only supporting the physical you and this is ONLY after the imbalance has been made manifest; a condition.  With quantum biofeedback you are aware in present time of an imbalance, not AFTER the fact.

When we use quantum biofeedback, we are measuring the bio-resonance and we can influence this field with tones, frequencies, and images. This is because of the higher vibrations they are emitting. You already know the truth of this science if you have children. When you baby is crying or hurting, what do you do? You sing, hum, rock, change the scenery and even play instructions to distract or shift the child's focus.

With quantum biofeedback we are using frequencies, tones, images, and vibrations to distract or disrupt the current energy pattern to induce a positive response, which may include stress reduction, harmony, and balance. Deep down inside we are all children needing comfort and joy.

If you're a Young Living user then you know the truth of what I am writing right now. You're using oils to lift your vibration to the "effect" you wish or desire to experience. Abundance, aligning to abundance.

Quantum biofeedback does NOT replace the need for oils, but rather increases the effectiveness of the use of the oils.  If you are struggling in your life and you're using oils, it's because you are not in harmony or alignment with that particular oil. Give yourself a dose of the frequency signature of abundance and your physical self will naturally gravitate to more abundance.

Your quantum self and physical self are now resonating with the oil in harmony.

Using quantum biofeedback also allows for a shift in consciousness, why? Because when you clear energy from your field that is NOT serving your highest potential or good new ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are able to arise. There is no greater feeling than a realization or shift in consciousness. It's like an orgasm for the brain.

So welcome to a newer and brighter energetic you.

Love, Dr. V

Life Insights Essential Oil App

Now enjoy the support and benefits of Young Living frequencies with this wonderful Life Insights Essential Oil App right at your finger tips.

We've  encoded this quantum biofeedback app with Young Living Essential Oils. 

Encoded frequencies that have been imprinted and built into a mobile application for direct balancing!

There are 7 panels for you to both analyze and balance accordingly.



YL Blends

YL Nutrition

YL Singles




Why does this app make a difference?

We all know that value of essential oils and their vibrational importance. With this little app, you are able to see in real-time what your personal energy signature needs in the above categories. Thus, allowing you to select and give yourself a quick stim on any ingredient you desire, or just select what the QBFB has chosen.

The best part?

Now with the ability to align your energy field with the frequency of any current essential oil in use,  your body can now come into harmony with the frequency; which can have a very soothing and longer lasting effect on your emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

This app gives you the power to create your own frequencies to aid in balance, harmony, and peace. 

Give yourself an energetic boost today!

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